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"Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they do go wrong."

[Donald Porter]

 - ITACAe S.r.l.

 - ITACAe S.r.l.

"Young motivated engineers, eager to learn and prone to pragmatic problem solving, which is therefore not only the result of a sudden act of creativity, but it is based on the application of a systematic and disciplined approach through a clear intervention logic, ensure that rigor and inventiveness complement and nurture each other: this is the working group of ITACAe, a company operating in the field of engineering consultancy with eyes always on the future. 

Our company was founded as an enterprise that offers mechanical engineering services, based on CAD, CAE & PLM methodologies, predominantly in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense sectors. The continuous professional training on the best software and methodologies for the analysis of production processes and control systems, are just some of the strengths of ITACAe. The most modern software applications and lean methodologies help the designer and the engineer through the entire development cycle, from the virtual factory to the real one: facilitate troubleshooting during design phase as well as industrial production is our bread and butter. 

We do consulting on the design of products to be produced with innovative (e.g. additive manufacturing) technologies. We propose in particular a DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) methodology, which is based on the use of specific software developed internally, to make the most of opportunities to optimize performance / weight ratio of structural components offered by the new technologies. ITACAe conducts research in collaboration with universities, manufacturers and users of innovative manufacturing technologies for the identification, study and optimization of the critical process parameters in order to improve the final product and at the same time contribute to the technological innovation. The fields of application are several. Design from white sheet or optimization of structural components and sub-assemblies for automotive, aerospace, defense, railway, equipment, household, machinery. 

The main benefit of using our offering portfolio is achieving competitiveness with the highest quality, the most robust and inexpensive products, with the minimum energy and material use, the minimum lead time, for reproducible and reliable results."  


                                                                              Federico Valente, CEO and Co-founder of ITACAe 

Our approach

Our approach - ITACAe S.r.l.

Adoption of “Lean Engineering” methodology :

  • high quality and customer satisfaction;
  • low costs and high value creation;
  • flexibility and responsiveness to dynamic market conditions.

Focus on people and goals:

  • the resolution of problems that cause uncontrolled costs for waste of material and energy, for redundant processes and non-value added activities;
  • the improvement of the product quality;
  • a higher level of product performance &/or the addition of new performances.