ITACAe S.r.l. Engineering & Innovation


"Anything that can be done with little, is done in vain with very."

[Guglielmo di Ockham]

What benefit?

What benefit? - ITACAe S.r.l.
  • Increased competitiveness, profitability
  • Greater effectiveness and efficiency of the entire organization
  • Greater commitment of the employees
  • Fewer defects
  • Less delay in responses
  • Less waste

Methodological consulting

Application of:

  • DMAIC methodologies for the improvement of existing processes;
  • DMADV methodologies for new processes and processes requiring redesign;
  • DIDOV methodologies for new products, tools for process statistical analyses;
  • tools for statistical analysis of the process;
  • TPM approach for maintaining autonomous maximum production efficiency;
  • "Lean Engineering" methodology to optimize the engineering process flow.
Methodological consulting - ITACAe S.r.l.

Custom courses

Custom courses - ITACAe S.r.l.

Organization of training course on Lean and Six Sigma, in order to:

  • optimize production and functional processes;
  • eliminate wastes, scraps and reworks.

SIX SIGMA - Stability and accuracy

The Six Sigma is a quality management program, whose goal is to move up the “capability” of a process to a predefined level.

It is a company strategy for its growth and long term development.

The ITACAe personnel hold the Six Sigma Black & Green Belt certification.