ITACAe S.r.l. Engineering & Innovation


"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."

[John Cage]

What benefit?

  • Definition of innovative solutions
  • Prior assessment of the operating conditions or malfunction of a system
  • Study of hardly observable phenomena 
  • Reduction of no added value activities
  • Reduction of prototyping costs
  • Reduction of “lead time”


Automotive - ITACAe S.r.l.

Body-in-white, chassis, suspension:

  • structural analysis (stress, stiffness, quasi-static, dynamic, crash, buckling, fatigue, fluid dynamics) of parts, subassemblies and complete vehicles.



  • evaluation of the stresses on the engine components (head, engine support, camshaft, engine blocks), resulting from loads of mission, extreme and impulsive cases of load occurring during the operating phases of the engine life;
  • evaluation of the stresses and plastic strain on the components exposed to thermal cycles of the engine, like exhaust and in-take manifold, turbine, engine head, in order to evaluate their own lifetime due to thermal expansion and thermal interaction of different parts;
  • analysis of the fatigue life of engine components like engine support, engine bracket, alternator and pump support;
  • analysis of dynamic behavior of the entire engine and its components evaluating the free modes of structure and its frequency response under operating loads spectrum.


Passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles wheels: 

  • stress analysis and fatigue strength under rim rolling and rotating bending moments loads;
  • impact analysis, resistance of the bolt seats, stiffness, natural frequencies;
  • 2D and 3D CAD design, geometry optimization (for fatigue and run-out).

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense - ITACAe S.r.l.
  • Analyses performed with the purpose to verify the product structural integrity and functionality of products when they are subjected to specified loading conditions, during space missions (launch, in space, landing).
  • Finite element analyses carried out and technical report preparation according to guidelines by ESA, NASA and international aerospace norms.

Sheet metal forming process

Sheet metal forming process - ITACAe S.r.l.
  • Analysis of structural resistance & process (forming, welding, painting)  issues, by adoption of a problem solving approach: lesson learned, based on past experience, theoretical and numerical analyses of physical phenomena, experimental tests, root cause analyses, proposal of a solution and preparation of technical reports, including procedures and  best practices to manage eventual future issues.
  • Empower design capability through our expertise in the wheel product and the CAD & CAE methodologies for product-process engineering, training on design and calculation methodology, preparation of technical reports and a “robust design book”.
  • Support to the development of new products and technologies, new materials (light alloy, steel, magnesium) and manufacturing technologies (hydroforming, laser cutting and welding, surface treatments, shot peening… ).